helping hands.jpgI want to volunteer at the art museum.

The Riverside Art Museum is a non-profit art museum with a small staff, so we depend on our volunteers to help us serve our community and fulfill our mission.

Museum Volunteer Partners (MVP) Program

Thank you for your interest in our Museum Volunteer Partners (MVP) Program.

Volunteers contribute hundreds of hours each year helping to maintain our historic building, assisting with museum events and activities on- and off-site, lending a hand with general office and data entry, maintaining the museum archive, updating collection files, and more. Volunteers commit themselves to the museum because their work has a meaningful impact and fills them with pride.

We thank you for wanting to become an MVP and continuing the museum's mission-driven work!

Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

Volunteers must be able to work both independently and in a team environment, be detail-oriented, have a positive attitude, commit to our mission-driven work, join us for at least three months, be passionate about art, and enjoy interacting with the public.

Amy Chen - 2016.jpgPositions:

  • Education;
  • General Assistance;
  • Facility Maintenance; and
  • Special Events.

For more info on what these positions entail, click here.

Want to be a docent? Consider becoming a Museum Guide.

Submission periods:

  • Fall (September - December);
  • Winter (January - April);
  • Spring/Summer (May - August).
Submitted applications will be on file for the duration of the submission period you applied in. Based on the museum's need, you will be contacted. You are then welcome to reapply at the beginning of the next submission period if you are still interested in volunteering with us.
If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out and submit a Volunteer Application


Internship positions at RAM include:

If you are interested in becoming an intern, please send your resume with a cover letter to If you would like more information on the other intern positions available, please also contact Katie Hernandez at