ART sculpture by Louie Tozser

It all started with a letter from Juvenile Court to RAM’s then Art Education Director Beth Yeager back in October of 2012.

In the letter, a Juvenile Court expert brought up the fact that some of the juvenile tagging and graffiti vandalism offenders sincerely believed that they were artists looking for opportunities to express themselves. “I am well aware of RAM’s outreach efforts and interest in community programming,” the letter stated, “so it occurred to me that RAM might be interested in developing a program that addressed the artistic goals of these youthful offenders.” 

Thrilled with the idea, Yeager immediately contacted artist Paulden Evans and they began planning a “Day of Art” for the youth offenders. Louie Tozser, artist and fabricator, created three large letters spelling “ART” for RAM’s front sculpture pad for the youth to paint.

“So much planning goes into a day like this,” said Yeager. “I couldn’t be happier with the way the day turned out. Thirteen kids showed up and we are on our way to changing some lives through art. Three of the youth who participated are coming back next week to work on a mural project and another two are interested in scholarships for our Summer Teen Art program.”

Each participant was given a photo of the completed project as well as a certificate. There were some proud kids as evidenced by the smiles and laughter as they posed for pictures in front of the sculpture.

Yeager looked on with satisfaction. “A big thank you to the Juvenile Court system for initiating the collaboration. This is exciting for the whole community!”


A hit with the community since February of 2013 when it was originally completed, the much-loved sculpture that was meant to be a temporary artwork was sent back to Tozser last December for a face-lift. Recently returned to us and renovated to better withstand the elements, we are proud to have it back on display.

Louie Tozser bio

Louie Tozser has been inventing, designing, and fabricating custom products since 1981. His artistic vision ranges from contemporary furniture and lighting to fine art and sculptures. Residing in the City of Arts and Innovation – Riverside, CA, Louie has worked with many various corporations, architects, nightclubs, restaurants, TV production companies, theaters and museums.

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