Afterschool Classes

4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

5-class session: $75 (RAM Family Members and above $67.50)

Tuesdays (Ages 6+)

Artworks with Plants

Use the beauty of nature to create stunning artworks. In this class, you will make pressed flower art, make your own paper with plants, terrarium paintings and plant cyanotypes.

September 5 – October 3


Spanish/English Artistic Fun

Esta Clase es muy Buena! This class is for students who know a little Spanish and are interested in picking up some more, as well as some new artistic skills.  Students will hear the instructions in English and then immediately in Spanish.   Students will study artists and art from countries, such as Spain, Columbia, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina. We will use many different mediums.

September 5 – October 3


Fabric Art

A variety of fabrics will be used to create unique works of art. We will use paint marbling on t-shirts, bleach to create a painting on fabric, create textured monotype prints with collaged fabric, and more.

October 10 – November 7

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Create a Mural

Have you ever wanted to paint BIG? We will have a giant wood panel for our class to design, draw, and paint a mural. This mural will be displayed in our classroom.

November 14 – December 12

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Wednesdays (Ages vary by class)

Cardboard Caricature Masks Influenced by Wayne White (Ages 12+)

Watch portions of the entertaining documentary “Beauty is Embarrassing” about artist Wayne White. We will create giant cardboard caricature masks like the ones created in the documentary. Imagine creating a larger-than-life mask of your own design!

September 6 – October 4


Art School Ready – AP Art Portfolios (Ages 15+)

Create AP studio art 2D/3D design and drawing portfolios. This could be for AP studio art students or those who just want to create an art portfolio. Students will produce dozens of artworks in order to create a comprehensive portfolio geared toward art school applications. Experiment with different materials to develop a theme. This class will work like an open studio with access to our art supplies and tools here at RAM. This class will focus on your portfolio theme. Take this class and then in the spring/summer, you can sign up for the critique class to get ready to turn in your portfolio.
Please note: 3D students, we do not have a ceramic kiln.

October 11 – November 8

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Chinese Painting and Drawing – Ming Qing Dynasties (Ages 8+)

Study the landscape painting masters of the Ming and Qing Dynasties: Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, Tang Yin, and Qui Ying, known as the “Four Masters”. We will explore the flowers, birds, ink, bamboo, plum, and orchid paintings of the Ming Dynasty.

November 15 – December 13

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Thursdays – Progressive Drawing Series (Ages 9+)

Beginning Drawing

Want to learn how to draw? Let’s start with the basics. This class will begin with mark making, contour drawing, and cross contour drawing.

September 7 – October 5


Intermediate Drawing

This class will teach intermediate drawing skills, including shading, perspective, and grid drawings. Must have completed Beginning Drawing to join this class.

October 12 – November 9

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Advanced Drawing

Use your skills from the first two classes in the series to create final artworks, including still life, landscapes, and portraits. Must have completed Beginning Drawing and Intermediate Drawing to join this class.

November 16 – December 21 (No class November 23)

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