10 a.m. – 5 p.m., w/lunch break

1-day workshop: $95 (RAM Individual Members and above $85.50)


greg1.jpgGregory Adamson is a renowned Southern California artist who has gained domestic and international acclaim for his mesmerizing, fast-paced art performances, where he paints to music with bare hands or brushes, creating huge masterpieces in just minutes. His subject matter includes historical leaders, sports legends, music icons, and other pop culture celebrities. In 2006, Gregory Adamson launched his performance painting career, Facing the Music, and 10 years later we are looking back at his creative journey, both as a performance artist and studio painter. His performance art has lifted his public profile, taken him halfway around the world, and distributed his work widely. Those paintings and other resulting commissioned works are in major corporate and private collections from Hawaii to New York to China. From the auction of his performance paintings at the events where they were created, Adamson’s work has also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations.


Wild A** Painting


Spend the day with renowned performance artist Gregory Adamson and experience the freedom of painting with abandon. Bring your acrylic paints and canvasses/heavy paper and let it run, drip, and splatter. Gregory will demonstrate some of his super wet-into-wet techniques and then it’s your turn. If you have been wanting to paint big, wet, and wild, but don’t have a space in which to experiment or don’t know how to get started, then this is your opportunity. The floor will be covered with tarps so you can just let loose! Of course, when you paint with Gregory, there will also be music to inspire your creativity.

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Contemporary Collage

SUNDAY April 8

Learn how to use collage to either enhance your painting or as a stand-alone medium. Instructor and artist Gregory Adamson will demonstrate both and will also demonstrate how to create interesting compositions using a variety of collage materials for representational and abstract works. Learn how to add another dimension to your work by incorporating collage materials.

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