Blue Door Museum Store Featured Artist

IMG_4992 web.jpgOctober & November: Gregory Adamson

It is tempting to say that Gregory Adamson needs no introduction to the Art Alliance and RAM members, but that seems too dismissive of the huge talent, reputation, and personality of this outstanding artist. It is a challenge to relate the scope and influence of Adamson’s artistry in this brief article.

Gregory Adamson has astounded audiences nationally and abroad with his “Facing the Music” performance art in which he paints to music portraits of historical leaders, sports figures, musicians, and other pop culture celebrities in just minutes. He uses bare hands or brushes, and sometimes adds to the performance by painting the portrait upside down before he flips the canvas to reveal the subject.

Adamson has performed at concerts with major recording artists and at regional and national political events. He has entertained for national leaders, business groups, charity fundraisers, and festivals. His commissioned works are owned or exhibited by celebrities, elected officials, major corporations, public institutions, and professional firms, and have been displayed in the Congressional Offices in Washington, D.C. His work has also been exhibited in New York, Canada, United Kingdom, China, and Japan.

IMG_4990 web.jpgMoreover, Adamson has lent his talents to scores of nonprofit organizations, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars with the proceeds from his art that is auctioned at the event. As he says, “I’ve always served on nonprofit boards, have done volunteer service with a lot of charities, and it occurred to me I can use my art as part of my mission and help organizations raise money or just be of service to them through my art. It’s the thing I can do best for them.”RAM has been a beneficiary of Adamson’s generosity at fundraising events and his larger abstract work was exhibited last year in RAM’s Art Alliance Gallery. In 2018, he was awarded “Top Dog” by RAM for his vision and dedication to the transformation of the museum from its early days in the dog pound to a dynamic cultural center. He continues to serve on the Board of Trustees.

Beyond his performances, Adamson creates privately commissioned studio paintings—including portraits and other subjects, and devotes time whenever possible to his ‘personal’ works, which are more abstract in nature. His painting workshops held at RAM are always filled to capacity. 

Gregory Adamson’s willingness to allow the museum store to display and sell some of his smaller canvases at very reasonable prices is an example of his commitment to RAM and Art Alliance’s fundraising efforts. 



Article by: Lee Levin, Blue Door Museum Store