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20180103_104830.jpgJanuary - Ginger Pena

Ginger Pena lives in Angelus Oaks and has exhibited her work at numerous art festivals where she has received many awards for her paintings. She is mostly self taught and says she learns from her own experience.

Pena loves the outdoors, particularly wide-open spaces, rolling hills, and the mountains. Historic buildings also intrigue her and she enjoys painting the relationship between buildings and the trees and gardens surrounding them. Pena works in watercolor on watercolor canvas and says:

I love to paint the local landscape en plein air like the French and California Impressionists I admire. I think I’m naturally a very realistic and conservative painter, but the demands of painting on location have developed my ability to paint more imaginatively. Conditions are constantly changing and there’s so much out there, so many beautiful details, but so few ready-made compositions. My job as a landscape painter is to pin down the light and shade, organize and harmonize the details, develop a focal area, and through abstract elements such as color, value, and shape to create my own reality from nature’s inspiration. What I really want is to communicate a sense of time and place, a sense of belonging in that space, and the love for it that I feel when I paint it. Based on my plein air sketches and on photos I take while on location, I also create larger studio works on either watercolor canvas or Aquabord. Each completed watercolor receives several coats of varnish and the result is a durable work that can be hung like an oil painting without mats and glass.

Pena’s paintings and Christmas ornaments have been appreciated by visitors to the shop at RAM. Her paintings will be available for purchase in the Blue Door Museum Store for the month of January 2018. 



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